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Kiddo Tags Giveaway!

I am a little annoyed with losing things, my boys tend to lose a cup or jacket every other day around here. If you are like me you want to label everything so you get it back. This is where Kiddo Tags come in. I love them they are great to use and the material is great it doesn’t wear like other and you can customize them how ever you like.

As you can see I got some that have my sons peanut allergy to label cups and his epi-pen and a lot of things for preschool so they know and don’t forget that he has a severe peanut allergy!


I really like how well they stay on anything I put it on!

They have over 150 different designs as well!

What Are Kiddo Tags™ ?

Kiddo Tags™ are custom name labels that stick to your Kiddo’s toys, bottles, cups, pacifiers, etc., AND kid’s clothing (iron-ons): They are Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, Weather-proof (UV-Resistant) and scuff-proof. Kiddo Tags™ are durable labels with over 150 character icons, 18 different colors, 25 different fonts AND many shapes and styles to choose from! With so many options, your kiddo will have the most unique label in the room! Printed in the USA, and operated by a stay-at-home mom. FREE SHIPPING (USA orders over $35) and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Also I have to give props to the fantastic shipping / packaging they have come up with complete with your instructions and a package you can’t miss in the mail. I love it and I keep my extra ones in the package. Check it out here!

Nice right and look at the inside…

It may not seem like much but when you do reviews, I have seen some beat up stuff come through my door. Kiddo tags are professional, they website is easy to use and they have a great product.

What Are Kiddo Tags™ ?

Check out their video too!

You can catch them on twitter

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Disclaimer: I was provided the product at no charge, I was not paid for this review and the opinions are all my own.


  1. I need these to keep my kids stuff labelled! Replacing lost items is $$$!

  2. Wooohoo, would love to win this!~

  3. We just ran out! I label everything from clothes and dance bags to luggage and cups. We can always use new Kiddo Tags and labels :)

  4. Bobbi McCormick says:

    Kiddo Tags ROCK! We absolutely use them and love them! It’s going to be great for vacation this summer!

  5. kirsten rodrigue says:

    I need these because they are awesome..for the kids ;)

  6. my 3 year old grandson has so much stuff & would be great for when he takes things to preschool

  7. Rochelle Luaders says:

    there is no “like” button for kiddo tags on fb. It is a personal page and not a business page. but I have subscribed to them.

  8. Rochelle Luaders says:

    I have three boys! enough said!

  9. I need a set of these for my boys so they know who’s stuff is who’s.. Maybe this would cut down on the fighting?? :)

  10. Love em – I better think of a name for my munchkin soon!

  11. Heather M. says:

    I think these look fantastic. My son attends before school and after school care and despite our best efforts things get lost. These would be quick and easy to put on his things.

  12. Janet W. says:

    I think these will come in handy for when my grandson starts pre-school this year!

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